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Over the picturesque background of the port of Tel-Aviv and just a touch away from the sea, you can have the event you’ve always dreamed about. Making your most unique dreams become reality is percisely the reason we established Hangar 11.

Hangar 11 is located in the port of Tel-Aviv, is comfortable to arrive from anywhere and has abundant parking. The entrance faces the sea and the moment you go inside – the party begins… 360 degrees projections that make you feel like if you were in a dream, Lights that adapts themselves to each and every moment in this dream, A perfect sound system and all of this is fitted just to you. We don’t believe that any of you dream about a “standard” event so we don’t host any. There’s no “standatd formation” in Hangar 11, there’s no permanent design, there isn’t any limitation. Every event is planned in details so that your event won’t be similar to any other event before. The experienced, professional and energetic staff of Hangar 11 will escort you all along the way and will make sure that your event is exactly everything you dreamed about – an astounding event, not similar to any other. An event without any compromises. All of these, in addition to the most advanced tech equipment in the world, will create for you the event you have always dreamed about.

Whether you are celebrating your marriage, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a birthday for you or for someone special to you (even your dog…) or ANY other event – Hangar 11 will be the perfect place for you. Summer, winter, fall or the spring – the big hall of Hangar 11 can deal with anything in the best possible way. Hangar 11 is best suited for events from 350 and up to more than 1,000 attendees – all thanks to the talented designers we work with.

Planing and event for less than 350 guests? The Federatzia hall in the Hangar 11 compound will be perfect for you. After a long period of preparations towards the initiation of our new hall, we are proud to introduce you with an amazing hall, just like the Hangar, just a little bit smaller…

In Short…

Halls – Hangar 11 and The Federatzia
Years of experience
0 m'
From the sea!
New Laser Projectors in a Full HD – 4K quality
Synchronized projections over every wall




 Under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate and more


Location, Location, Location (And the most advanced equipment in the world)

The Place

Celebrate in Tel Aviv. Celebrate in the port.

Hangar 11 is situated in the port of Tel Aviv, one of the most popular places of entertainment in Israel. That promises a spectacular view of the sea, a comfortable access so that your guests won’t have any trouble arriving, and a huge parking lot surrounding the Hangar (in addition to the free “Reading” parking lot). And did we mention the sea view?

The Hangar 11 compound is divided into a wide and circumscribed outdoor space which allows a pleasant reception, top privacy and comfortable security arrangements, and into a huge, multipurpose, interior space. The impressive scope of the venue and its versatility make this venue become the ideal place for any event. Actually, there is nothing that cannot be done at the Hangar.

Don’t be intimidated by the big size of Hangar 11. Our experienced crew will make sure that no matter how many guests will attend your event, 350 or over a thousand, the place will look like nothing less than amazing. And as we said, are you looking for a bit smaller venue? That is exactly the purpose we established The Federatzia hall, located in the Hangar 11’s compound. So it really doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place to celebrate a smal, intimate wedding or the biggest party in town, Hangar 11 compound covers it all.

If you are able to imagine it – we are capable of making it a reality.

Bar & Catering

Hangar 11’s home bar is Elleven Bar – a bar operated by us and by that it ensures the highest quality without any compromises. Between us, alcohol will probably take a major role at your event and as we previously said, we will not compromise on an event less than perfect. Our great bar crew will serve you all range of the leading drinks on the market – from Israeli drinks to premium international drinks. In addition, our bar structures are overwhelming and interesting and our minds are constantly open to changes in the bars for any event in order to accomplish a perfect solution. The bar is managed by no other than Yori Aviv, alcohol and bar-management expert with seniority of many years in the business.

And for the main course… We were taught that there is no argument about taste. Hence, we can’t find a reason to limit you to a certain chef while there are so many great chefs out there, each and every one of them having his own expertise. Hangar 11 is working with the biggest chefs in Israel so you may choose the chef you feel is most right for you – We will not be the guys to limit you. Of course we will be there with you all along the way and advise you at every stage. Exactly for that reason, we created our recommended list. The large and equipped kitchen in Hangar 11 will make any chef feel at home right away…

It is important to mention that Hangar 11 holds a Kosher certificate from the rabbinate of Tel Aviv. Therefore, a catering must have a Kosher certificate in order to serve food at Hangar 11.


Come on, is it really necessary to talk about the sound at Hangar 11?

Hangar 11 is equipped with the LAcustics Sound System – The most advanced sound system in the world. The system is deployed over the entire venue and allows focused control over any area at the venue, by demand. While some may be at the dance floor and enjoy a qualitative music that won’t shame a concert venue, the sitting areas may enjoy a a great music in a reasonable volume, making conversations easy.


Hangar 11 is flashy with its advanced and leading lighting system – Chamsys’s and Martin’s lighting computers and about 700 smart and advanced lighting heads, creating an unforgettable experience. The advanced lighting system and the way it is deployed at the venue allow the dictation of the precised, desirable atmosphere at any area in the venue, according to the event’s subject.

The Lighting at Hangar 11 is specially designed to each event by Hangar 11’s light designer, Shay Shtarker. Shay is one of the leading light designers in Israel and while he is not busy with your event, he is probably traveling with the biggest Israeli artists in shows all over the world.

The Projection System

The projections system in Hangar 11 might be the most influential factor on the atmosphere at the hall. It is the system that will keep your guests amazed from the second they enter the venue. Hangar 11 is equipped with one of the most advanced and sophisticated video projecting system in the world. The system includes 18 Full HD – 4K, high-power and synchronous projectors, projecting a specially-designed unique Video-Art, created just for your event and projected over 360 degrees, 8 meters high walls. By this full-synchronization, the system allows a wide range of ways to project selected pictures and videos over the venue’s walls; Starting with projections of seperated pictures and movies, over to live video from the event, and up to spectacular panoramic projection over each and every wall of the venue. Get a look of our gallery (Link) and see for yourselves how the venue can completely change according to the projection.


From our first meeting you promised that we would fulfill all our dreams and that is exactly what happened. We wanted to thank you personally for the warm and amazing treatment, the care, the great patience, the support and the treats! You have made our experience of arranging a wedding a special, fun. relaxing one. You are great and special people and we had the pleasure of meeting you and working with you.

Karin & Ido

From the first moment, we liked the idea of being able to create a whole world, exactly how we imagine it. It’s a great space with a frame of projectors and it is said about this place – “The sky is the limit”. Responsible people who you can be trusted and the knowledge that they will make everything we wanted happen.

We had a great time having our wedding at the Hangar , which was designed in an amazing way and the crew was excellent. We had a little over 700 invitees and the place was a great fit to this amount of people. Highly recommended!


We went to hear some details about the place and although we decided not to have our event there, I wanted to say that the venue’s Sales man is a charming guy, he gave us every detail and explained our possibilities well. It’s a little too big for us after some thinking but if you want to get a great treatment and you ahve a large wadding – that is definitely the place.


Amazing. Not comparable to anything you may see somewhere else. a special, unique event, tailored by the taste and will of any couple. You need to see it to understand…


I liked knowing that our wedding will not be similar to any other wedding that one of our friends may have seen or might see. The fact that everything that was promised really happened, and even more. The fantastic feeling that what we wanted – happened, and that our night was unforgettable, not just for us. A perfect value for your money.


No doubt that the location choise was the best one. Thanks for all the effort, the uniqueness and the fact that our event was exactly the way we dreamed it would be.

Amit & Sharon

Rent the place or get the package?

Option A: Rent the place only

Just like any other matter, it’s clear to us that anyone have their own different preference and style. Therefore, if you choose this way, you can rent the Hangar 11 space and leave the event production work to some third party company, the design to a designer etc. If you choose to go this way, we will assist you along the whole way dealing with all of the suppliers in order to have a perfect event, of course. The second option is to leave all of the production work of your event in our hands, from A to Z.

Option B: Choose one of our comprehensive and attractive plans

Not anyone have the leisure for this tough engagement with so many service-providers. If you are one of these people, our packages will be perfect for you. Our productions team is working hard at all time in order to present you with packages for the perfect event. In our packages you will find EVERYTHING! On a per-guest pricing model we could close everything for you: The venue, Sound and light design and operation, Bar service, Catering, Full and unique design, constraction and a full production. It is important for us to clarify that choosing a package does NOT mean your event would be standard or taken from some format bank. Our production team will plan your event from the very beginning according to your dictation, without compromising on the event’s quality or uniqueness. That is what happens when our production team is led by Hangar 11’s CEO, Zev Eizik, one of the most prominent producers and shows organizers in the world. So let the professionals do all the work for you and enjoy your rest!

On Our Packages

  • Full production
  • Unique event design
  • Bar services
  • Catering at your choise
  • Lights system
  • Sounds system
  • Projections system
  • DJ
  • VJ

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